Get to know us

We are a Houston, Texas based loan brokerage specialized in commercial business loans and residential home mortgage loans. We work with small business owners, homeowners and future homeowners to deliver loans in a timely manner. Through continuous improvement, determination of providing an excellent and stress-free client experience, we strive to earn strong long-term positive relationships.

Our mission

Our company is built on trust and long-term relationships. Our mission is not only to provide capital funding solutions but to provide advice, guidance and ongoing support. To fulfill the vision of Keyalo Capital Solutions, we abide with our unwavering commitment to integrity, transparency, expertise, advanced solutions and respectful, personable client relations.

Our vision

Empower families and small business owners by fulfilling their dreams of a better life. By providing guidance and funding solutions, we strive to help families achieve homeownership and small business owners reach their potential.


Faisal Momin


Licensed Mortgage Broker

NMLS# 2351128

As the founder of Keyalo Capital Solutions, my priority is to provide an exceptional client experience.

I am solutions driven and always seeking opportunities for improvement. At Keyalo Capital, my dedication to understand each situation to it's fullest extent and break it down to find the perfect solution is how I deliver my value.

My unwavering commitment to proactive understanding of changes to the financial markets, amazing relationship management and resourceful daily activities provide a competitive edge as a mortgage broker.

I have spent much time and continue to improve development of a streamlined system for efficient, stress-free delivery of capital funds in a timely manner.