• Loan amounts available from $5,000 - $750,000

  • Quick approvals

  • Funding in less than a week

  • Low-fixed payments

  • No early pay-off penalty

  • Interest paid is tax deductible

  • Much more economical than credit card debt

  • Flex pay loan options available with 50% deferment of principal allowing a much lower affordable payment now

Working capital advantages

  • Purchasing new equipment

  • Stocking inventory

  • Business expansion

  • Renovations and remodeling

  • Opening a new location

  • Buying out a business partner

  • Upgrading POS system

  • Paying business taxes

  • Cash flow

  • Inventory

  • Getting caught up with payroll

  • Reconsolidation of expensive debt

  • Unexpected expenses

  • Seasonal declines

  • Buying our a business partner

  • Launching a new marketing campaign

Common uses for our business working capital loans

Working Capital Loans

Working capital loans are like a financial boost for the business. Imagine you run a company, and you need money for everyday operations – to pay employees, buy inventory, cover utility bills, or handle any unexpected expenses. Working capital loans are designed for these situations. They provide you with the necessary funds to keep your business running smoothly. It’s like having a financial safety net. Lenders look at your business’s current assets (like cash, accounts receivable, and inventory) and subtract your current liabilities (like bills and debts). The remaining amount is your working capital. If it’s not enough to cover your short-term expenses, a working capital loan can fill that gap. These loans are short-term and meant to be repaid quickly, once your business is back on its feet. They’re a practical solution to manage day-today finances and ensure your business continues to operate without hiccups.

A business’s working capital provides a good indication of its financial health and capacity to function. Sometimes a business may not have the cash it needs to cover the daily operations of the business. Whatever the reason for not having enough capital on hand and needing more, a working capital loan may be required to get the business through a busy financial period. Funds from this type of loan won’t keep the business afloat forever. They are intended to get the business over the hump or until it’s able to find a more permanent solution to its cash flow challenge.

Working capital loans for small businesses or growing companies are available from various lending sources. With a working capital loan, a business borrows a lump sum of cash for daily operations and uses the funds as it needs them. As with most loans, the business agrees to repay the loan over a set period with fixed, monthly payments. For further questions, or to submit an inquiry feel free to contact us and we will connect you with our working capital loan expert team.

Merchant Cash Advance Loans

A business merchant cash advance is a type of funding where a business receives a lump sum amount in exchange for a percentage of its daily credit card sales, plus a fee. Repayments are made automatically through a fixed percentage of daily card transactions until the agreed-upon amount is paid back. It's a quick way for businesses to access capital, but the cost can be relatively high due to fees associated with the advance.